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Skin Solutions

Treatment for various skin disorders with a particular interest toward clinical dermatology, Acne, Pasriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Hair and Nail disorders.

Skin Services Offered:


Surgery for Ingrown toe nails, Vitiligo surgery (white spot), removal of unwanted moles, Ear lobe repair, Cyst excision.

Acne Management:

Medical care and when needed, various peels in the from of Glyocolic, Salicylic, TCA peels are used to enhance the medical management.

Acne Scars Corrective Surgery:

Subcision and Dermaroller done to take care of scares left by acne.


A variety of fairness and skin rejuvenating peels, like Glycolic peels, TCA peels, Combination peels to take care of marks left by acne and skin left dull & lusterless by the wear and tear of day to day stresses of life.


Also known as skin polishing, it helps in skin rejuvenation and giving the quick glow required for an party, evening out, or even an important business meet.
A fairness mask also helps to enhance the glow of the skin.

Electro & Radiosurgery for the remove of skin tags, Unwanted moles, Warts.

Anti ageing Solution :

Aesthetic skin solutions to provide a younger looking skin in the form of peels, Botox and Fillers.