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How unborn babies grow

Fertilization (Conception)

DNA from the fathers's sperm combines with DNA from the mother's ova in fallopian tube.

5 Week

The embroy is seen in mother's uterus

Suggestion :

Sonography to rule out ectopic pregnancy and localization of gestational sac.

6-7 Week

The embryo's heart is beating, though it has only one chamber.

Suggestion :

Sonography to see the viability of sac.

8-9 Week

The placenta is forming. Limb buds, the beginning of arms and legs, are forming.

11-14 Week

The embryo has hands with ridges that will grow into finger, and two-segmented arms. The embryo has feet, thighs and calves. Brain, spine, face, heart and stomach are forming.

Suggestion :

To do Mini Malformation scan which includes NT Scan, All the common abnormalities between 11-14 weeks can be ruled out like absence of head, down syndrome babies etc.

Pathology :

Dual marker test which helps to investigate mentally retarded babies.

16-20 Week

Mother may first feel her baby kicking Baby has completed anatomical formation.

Suggestion :

USG Anomaly Scan to rule out more than 90% of fetal abnormalities.

20-24 Week

Suggestion :

Sonography to rule out cardiac abnormality

28-32 Week

Suggestion :

Sonography to see the placental localization, amount of liquor and Colour Doppler baseline study for blood circulation in the fetus.

36-40 Week

Suggestion :

Sonography to see Fetal weight, position, cord around neck of fetus. Blood circulation in the body of fetus, amount of liquor.